Instruction for State-recognized / Physiotherapist / in.

Considering the fact that 1976, we offer you our students the ulmkolleg the teaching and education institute define paraphrase for physiotherapy, massage and podiatry initial class instruction to come to be a certified physical therapist or to. to state-certified physical therapist. Negotiating a sound theoretical and practical information base is as necessary as instruction your manual abilities and raise their own body awareness here.

On ulmkolleg benefit from education conditions, seeking their own type. Throughout the instruction for physiotherapists and physiotherapist we especially make use of the proximity towards the university and the important hospitals where you make placements as a part of instruction below the guidance of our specialist teachers.We connect science and practice for the good results and market particularly by the private care.Our teachers who come amongst other people from the University of Ulm, provide you with strong theoretical and sensible information in medicine, our knowledgeable in teaching and therapy specialist teachers take care of the right instruction your manual skills.

Come to be a physiotherapist / in the ulmkolleg suggests exciting lessons as opposed to boredom.We regularly depend on modern teaching methods which are guaranteed can preserve boredom. Our faculty members you wish rather convince with skilled and social abilities, address your person strengths and weaknesses. That goes with modern educational concepts, that are only found in particular schools. As with us up.In an thrilling coaching we would like to empower you to a safe self-management as well as the, social responsibility and also the required creativity in coping with the patient based on analytically reflective considering.When the patient you / in familiar, is really a physiotherapist a great deal much easier.As a result, for your function as a physiotherapist / in you will need empathy, teaching capabilities and social responsibility readiness. Our specialist teachers live it day just after day in instruction just before.

So studying is exciting!At our ulmkolleg each and every student and each student is valued with its individual personality and taken seriously. The individual promotion of your person and of friendly contact with one another the very best conditions that you as well will prepare plenty of fun on ulmkolleg education.Join Ellen Hummel at her education as a physiotherapist.The study as an more chance for Physiotherapist / in.Given that October 2009, provides you the ulmkolleg the teaching and instruction institutes for physical therapy, massage and podiatry in cooperation with all the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule HFH accompanying the vocational education a bachelor’s degree plan at. Courses start out inside the third semester of physiotherapy education. Immediately after education, the study is part-continued and after two years of qualified experience as a physiotherapist / in, you could purchase the “Bachelor of Science”.




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