Corona crisis and universities: What takes place now using the teachers, university operating

The European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) has responded and continues to one hundred percent online – in the students along with the staff.The coronavirus has us all under control. Worldwide, the population along with the economy are facing challenges that look unsolvable and in part. Even the education sector has to break new ground. The EUFH has responded website bibliography mla towards the speedy spread of COVID-19 and has set the teaching and also the university operating absolutely on on the net.”In times of crisis such as we’re experiencing now with the spread of the coronavirus, ingenuity is required,” says Professor Julia Siegmüller, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the EUFH in Rostock. “Fortunately, sets the EUFH lengthy to on line teaching. For that reason, we had been capable to flexibly react for the choice with the nation.”

To the health of the personnel to not jeopardize has the EUFH that belongs towards the Klett group and degree programs presented Master in Well being and Management Bachelor’s and reacts promptly. Currently around the identical day on which schools, universities, colleges and kindergartens had been closed in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it enabled mobile functioning for all workers. Only a crisis group of about 20 workers at the moment functioning much more directly inside the buildings of the university – but in exchange, so that the protection continues to be guaranteed. Most employees have been anyway currently equipped with laptops and could as a result very easily on mobile working from home to adjust.

“After the first two weeks, we can proudly say that the digital transfer is both prosperous inside the exchange with all the students also as amongst workers,” said Prof. Julia Siegmüller. The subsequent challenge is currently mastered: The trial begins in summer season semester 2020 is implemented totally digital. To this finish, all workers within the fields of teaching, university management, student counseling, marketing and advertising and distribution have been functioning at complete speed and also the already verified on line tools employed in the brief term and for the analog planned classroom teaching. The alter to one hundred % digital gauge is an extension of currently known types of teaching for workers of EUFH. Due to the fact 2017, the EUFH integrated online teaching inside the several study designs and has the needed experience. “Our encounter in internet teaching has given us in these uncertain occasions, a significant lead,” stated Siegmüller. “What we were able to give our students as didactic version to date, is now the primary type of teaching at the EUFH.”

The students meet routinely interact with their lecturers in speak to. And who’s enthusiastic about studying in the EUFH, normally has the possibility to communicate by means of chat or virtual meetings with colleagues from the study consulting and business cooperation. The university gives all of the information events over the internet. Even the so called Taster of EUFH there continues. Only people today meet now for the virtual campus with the EUFH group along with other interested parties and will not be the same spot on campus in Aachen, Brühl, Cologne, Neuss, Rheine or Rostock.The European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) is known as a completely accredited university and part of the Klett Group, a major education business in Europe. It offers dual and part-time Bachelor and Master courses in management and well being care. Right here you are able to pick out involving broad and industry-specific courses. The EUFH has offices in Aachen, Brühl, Cologne, Neuss, Rheine and Rostock.




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