Cashless payment. As a student at the Technical University, at the University of Weihenstephan, Munich University along with the University of Rosenheim it is possible to spend with your Student Card cash.

For all other guests there is certainly the LEGIC card, that is also made use of as a payment card for many devices at universities. The cash is accepted at person internet sites, this information could be located at our dining selections. A LEGIC card for students can only receive students that are enrolled in an assisted by the Munich Student college.

The LEGIC card.Instantly and simply sensible.The LEGIC card the Student Union Munich is actually a multifunction card and is utilized mainly for cashless payment transactions. It operates with out speak to, which signifies the card can remain generally inside the wallet. Just preserve your wallet to the reading device.Applications and payment function.Together with the LEGIC card StuBistros Mensa, StuCafés, StuLounges and most espresso bars might be paid in all cafeterias. Which are supervised by the Munich Student properly inside a selection of beverages, snacks and ice machines. Bottle deposit might be booked back to the LEGIC card. In addition, a lot of copiers, scanners and printers in different parts in the Library with the Technical University, supplied the Ludwig-Maximilians University, plus the University of Munich and he Rosenheim University with a Legic card reader.

Acquisition and validity.The card Legic can be bought at the information point or service offices in the Student Union Munich and returned once more, these are usually the entrance of the dining halls. Right here inquiries will also be delighted to answer or handling helped with issues. Otherwise, you can get the tickets also at the money registers in our StuBistros Mensa, StuCafés and StuLounges. The card Legic includes a limited validity, upon presentation of a valid proof of this may be extended accordingly. For the obtain of your card no bills is usually issued, receipts you obtain the credit only when consumption z. B. in the cafeteria cashier.

Value and Charging.The price tag of a Legic card is 12 euros, of which deposited the Munich Student 7 euros as a deposit and five euros are booked as a credit around the card and also you can use without delay the card therefore. The card can (five Euro, 10 Euro, 20 Euro or 50 Euro note) be charged with money, for the corresponding Aufwerter is obtainable. Hold to charge the card towards the card reader, adhere to the directions and wait will probably be displayed as lengthy off until the new credit. Absolutely new is the possibility of automated charging through Direct Debit. You can find all facts here.Loss.

For privacy motives, are usually not personalized the cards. It can be as a result advisable to get the 6-digit card number z. to write down as within the mobile phone. In the event you drop the card can then be blocked by the Information Point quoting this quantity. It may also be assigned to the owner and as writing a research paper elementary students a result returned as a card located.Return.If you happen to usually do not will need much more card Legic yours, then you can return them in one from the Info Points or service offices in the Student Union Munich. Please realize that we call for an undamaged card for the repayment in the deposit. For the yellow and red LEGIC card are going to be refunded 7 euro deposit for all other six euros. For maps of the University of Munich (magnetic stripe) 7,50 EUR deposit shall be refunded.Auto Load.Mensa card ruckzuck charged.Thanks Autoload you’ll need not worry make far more if there is certainly enough funds on your card. By car or truck load system your payment card is charged in the cash register automatically when your balance falls under a particular value. This minimum plus the amount of Aufladesumme You determine!For instance, you’ve the minimum balance on five euros fixed along with the Aufwertbetrag to 20 euros.Your credit is 7 euros. They stand at the cash and want to pay your food inside the quantity of 3 euros. Your card balance would thus drop to 4 euros. That’s beneath your specified minimum balance! The cashier recognizes this and automatically activates the appreciation of 20 euros on your card. You may receive a receipt, on which you may trace the money withdrawal. The debiting your account will in the coming days.

The benefits.1. Consistently enough money around the card – incredibly comfy!two. No queue at charging machines!three. No credit check necessary!4. Fewer delays in the checkout!Information protection.Our Privacy Policy for handling information in the context of non-cash payments may be discovered.FAQ – Auto Load.Auto Load.suggests Autoload, make certain your card balance falls under a specific value reduced limit automatically charges. That is completed by direct debit and also you usually do not recharge at a charging machines your card. Therefore, you continually have enough credit on the card!Registration is carried out in the details points and corresponds to a subscription towards the SEPA direct debit scheme, so a direct debit for your account. Bring for your debit card and your Mensa card with (Legic Card / Student Card). For the SEPA direct debit is really a proof of address is necessary.As a way to protect against from abuse, the automatic upgrade could be carried out for your safety only after a day. It is possible to charge at a bar Aufwerter your card but still.For automatic charging a fund is necessary more than a drink machine along with other machines Autoload does not operate regrettably.the student union receives a chargeback, the card is locked and also you need to unlock a Information Point.A charging by means of Autoload operates in conjunction having a buy at a money register. And at the moment where you fall quick of one’s individual minimum value.




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